IBER Arqueologia, Patrimoni i Turisme, S.L. is a spinoff of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili that bases its business on asset management, tourism and education.

The creation of this business plan stems from the long path in the fields of heritage, archaeology and culture, which has been developed by members of the Grup de Recerca Seminari de Protohistòria i Arqueologia de la URV (GRESEPIA). GRESEPIA is a research group that is part of the Department of History and Art History of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili.

The members of the group are specialized in various professional fields: history, art history, archaeology, museology, conservation and restoration, divulgation, cultural management, and official tourist guides.

From our experience in the field of heritage, archaeology, culture, and knowledge generated by research, our main goal is to promote a model of cultural services founded in scientific rigor, quality, sustainability, and accessibility.

Our business idea is founded in a highly qualified team with the participation of Experts linked to the Universitat Rovira i Virgili and external staff trained in that university and still linked to it.

AT IBER Archaeology Heritage Tourism

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Our services

We want to provide our customers with leisure services related to the history and heritage of rigorous and truthful manner. We offer products that show scientific knowledge of didactic, educational activities that enhance and complement the knowledge of schools regulated related to archeology, heritage and culture. We also provide comprehensive project management archaeological and cultural heritage.

  • Guiatges a mida

    Visites a jaciments arqueològics

  • Gestió Cultural

    Gestió Cultural

  • Turisme creatiu

    Rutes alternatives i a mida

  • Educació

    Tallers i materials didàctics

  • Patrimoni

    Estudis-històrics-patrimonials i excavacions arqueològiques

  • Gestió cultural

    Tasts de gartonomia ibera

  • Patrimoni

    Intervencions arqueològiques

  • Educació

    Tallers didàctics